Misiyo Candle Co

Wild Honey + Yuzu Candle Jar

$ 28

CLEMENTINE · HONEYCOMB · YUZU PETAL // Bask in the gentle essence of a crisp, sun-drenched morning. The delightfully fruity aroma of yuzu citrus invigorates your senses, complemented by vibrant orange clementine and golden drips of wild honey, while warm and woodsy base notes create a cozy, grounding atmosphere. Enjoy the bright, cheery, and uplifting nature of this scent—an ideal choice for cultivating a moment of gratitude or embracing a revitalizing pause amidst your busy day.

  • 9 oz jar
  • 45-50 hour burn time
  • Gives back 3 months of health insurance to someone in Rwanda
  • Handcrafted with Canadian beeswax, pure coconut wax, natural cotton wick, phthalate-free fragrances + essential oils

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