Misiyo Candle Co

Cascades Essential Oil Blend

$ 24

PATCHOULI · BERGAMOT RIND · JUNIPER · LAVENDER // Inspired by the lush rainforest of the Pacific Coast, this robust and earthy essential oil blend will transform your space with beneficial aromatherapy.

The complex notes of patchouli, with its damp and musky aroma, promote a sense of centeredness and stability. The uplifting citrusy scent of bergamot rind enhances your mood, while the woodsy essence of juniper tree provides grounding and balance. And finally, soothing lavender induces relaxation of both mind and body, effortlessly connecting you to nature and leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Pure essential oil blend for electric and ultrasonic diffusers, car diffusers and wall diffusers. Low packaging + ethically sourced.

  • 15 ml / 0.51 fl. oz.
  • Every diffuser blend gives back 1 month of health insurance in Rwanda.

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