Nash and Jones

Olivier Mask Set

$ 25 $ 36

The perfect compliments to mix and apply your powdered mask which require non-metal tools. They are Super soft and luxurious, Biodegradable, Sustainable & Reusable.

  • Hake Brushes with a wooden handle & goat hair brush
  • Bamboo spoons are for mixing
  • Hand-Carved Olive Wood Bowls

Our Mask Set is designed for mixing and applying clay masks. Clay masks require non-metal utensils and bowls to be used so the clay does not fill up with the metal as the impurity. Our Olive Wood Bowls are hand-carved and each unique. Includes a Bamboo Mixing Spoon crafted from renewable eco-friendly bamboo, a Hake brush made with super soft goat hair and wooden handle.


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